Dhaka to Kushtia Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2024

Embarking on a journey from Dhaka to Kushtia by train is a remarkable experience filled with scenic views and cultural encounters. Understanding the schedule and ticket prices is crucial for a smooth travel plan.

Dhaka to Kushtia Train List

Intercity Express train List:

  1. Sundarban Express (726)
  2. Chitra Express (764)

Dhaka to Kushtia Train Schedule (Intercity-Express)

Dhaka to Kushtia Intercity Express train schedule is below here:

Train Name Departure Time  Arrival Time  Day Off
Sundarban Express (726) 23:40 5:40 Tuesday
Chitra Express (764) 11:58 17:40 Monday

Dhaka to Kushtia Train Ticket Price List

Different types of seat plans have on these two types of trains. Dhaka to Kushtia Train Ticket Price & Seat plans List below here:

Dhaka to Kushtia Train Online Ticket Booking

to purchase a train ticket from Dhaka to Kushtia, you can do so either online through the official Bangladesh Railway website or by visiting a railway station ticket counter.

Dhaka to Kushtia Train distance

The distance between Dhaka and Kushtia by train is approximately 233 kilometers or around 145 miles.

Dhaka to Kushtia Train Route Map

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